Automatic Cutting Line For Continuous Fabric
Easy Fabric Control
Constant and Precision Cutting Quality
Automatic Fabric Cutting
Automatic Control Fabric Alignment
  • Industrial pc with increased computing power and reduced number of electronic boards.
  • Touch screen display allows for more user friendly operation with messages in preferred languages and customized input data display
  • Configurable production data input and collection specific to the plant’s needs
  • Programmable access level for the prevention of alarm intervention by unauthorized personnel
  • Customized display allows for personalization such as company logo, style, lot and sub-Iot information, etc. displayed on the screen
  • All mechanical movements are achieved with encoder controlled electric axis and guides for more stop / start precision and speed.
  • All motors are ‘brushless’ servo-drive motors for more precision less maintenance and less power consumption
  • High resistance polyurethane toothed belts are enclosed inside dust—proof covers and allow for more precise and faster movements while eliminating
    the need for lubrication.
  • Independent control of all setting parameters for each feed position. (fabric strands) optimizes individual control of each fabric strand
  • Increased space between each feeding units to allow for a better and more accurate fabric bundles placement.
  • AAQT (Automatically Adjustable Quarter Turner) allows for width adjustments without the removal of AAQT from machine
  • Available in two or four strands (five and six strands versions feasible on request).
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