P4 ADD Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine
Easy to use LCD touch screen.
Fast and smooth fabric spreading
Rolling and unrolling fabric
One way and zig zag spreading.
  • +/- 1mm positioning tolerance along lay length
  • Adjustable side alignment speed and acceleration
  • Additional side alignment mechanism for folded materials
  • Lay height sensor for automatic height adjustment.
  • Full automatic tension adjustment and control system
  • One button calibration with pre-defined ranges
  • 0.2mm measurement tolerance
  • Separate tension settings for spreading and for cutting operations


  • Maximum speed 125 m/min
  • Max speed and acceleration/deceleration can be adjusted separately for spreading and returning (one way spreading)
  • Knife Speed & Cutting Length regulation with slow start option
  • Move to roll loading area and return back to last position in lay with one button
  • Auto positioning to splice mark coordinates (splicing mode)
  • Parameters can be saved for different types of materials in 50 recipes
  • Choose between a wide variety of add-on options to extend the capabilities of your spreading system and to improve performance & spreading quality
  • Synchronous, Asynchronous and Hybrid operation modes
  • Language options
  • Switch between imperial & metric system
  • Wireless connection, integration with management software
  • Minimum down time
  • Consumables: maximum lifetime / minimum cost
  • Spare Parts: low cost spare parts from manufacturer to consumer
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Graphical user interface, touch screen
  • View marker preview on screen with live spreader position
  • On-screen operator guidance system
  • Auto Diagnostics System for troubleshooting
  • Sensitive Security Sensors
  • Secure Emergency Stop in a short time with electronic and mechanic brake system
  • User security levels (operator, administrator, service)
  • Operator platform with security barrier
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