P4 ADD-J Automatic Spreading Machine
Easy to use LCD touch sceen.
Fast and smooth fabric spreading
Rolling and unrolling fabric
One way and zig zag spreading.
  • Designed for heavy denim and knitted fabrics.
  • PLC controlled,easy to use LCD touch screen.
  • Tension free spreading with PLC controlled unloading system with synchronized speed control.
  • Fabric tension control system for spreading flexible and difficult fabrics.
  • Automatic fabric edge alignment system.
  • Ability to enter all the parameters with LCD touch screen.
  • Ability to specify marker length and ply count.
  • Automatic stop when the ply number is reached,
  • Automatic stop when fabric roll is finished on machine.
  • High speed movement while moving without spreading.
  • Automatically adjustable spreading height according to fabric thickness.
  • One way and zig zag spreading.
  • Tubularfabric spreading with removable attachment.(optional) 
  • Ability to use fabric cutter in zig zag spreading with two end catchers all along the table.
  • Rolling and unrolling fabric .
  • Automatic splitting conveyor system for easy loading of heavy fabrics.
  • Fast and smooth fabric spreading.
  • Operator platform.
  • Direct drive.
  • Four wheel drive.
  • Safe usage and emergency stop with safety sensors.
  • Low power consumption and easy maintenance.
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